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Jaco Du Toit (Managing Director - Africa )

Quick Facts

Name: Johannes Jacobus du Toit

Position at Multotec: Managing Director - Africa 

Started At Multotec: 2003

Business Philosophy: If you're the most successful person in the room, find a new room.

Since joining Multotec in 2003, du Toit’s aim has been to create a long-term sustainable business platform for Multotec in Africa, from Central Africa expanding to West Africa, East Africa and nowadays Botswana.

Du Toit, with a Masters in Engineering Management, oversees the 26 countries that Multotec operates in Africa working with a network of regional subsidiaries and agents to support a continuous growth strategy.

The most important lesson he has learned is that consistent, high-level customer support coupled with the ability to manage and absorb the challenges of the continent creates relationships that promote Multotec’s long-term sustainable business philosophy.

Multotec believes that “Africa is the Oyster” du Toit’s approach to business mirrors this.