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Loading Points

Rubber loading points from Multotec are used at conveyor transfer points in place of conveyor idlers. They comprise low friction impact bars secured to a mild steel frame. Controlling the flow of material, bouncing of ore and spillage is greatly reduced. There are no moving parts or spring mechanisms resulting in lower maintenance requirements.

The low friction impact bar is constructed of rubber, which has been specifically compounded for high-energy absorption with a 10 mm thick Multoslip low friction polyethylene top cover. The design is for the conveyor to travel 15 to 20 mm above the Loading Point bed with the reduced contact minimising heat build-up and prolonging the conveyor life.

The Multotec design focuses on ease of installation and replacement of the low friction bars with the sides of the frame either being removable or being hinged.

Loading points advantages

  • Provides increased belt life by absorbing the energy of ore transfer
  • Low friction between the conveyor and the impact bars minimises wear on the underside of the conveyor belt
  • Low friction bars for underground use

The standard Multotec low friction bar system uses standard materials and a T-bolt attachment secured in an aluminium insert. A tapered feed end is supplied, with both ends tapered for bi-directional conveyors.

Our low friction bars for underground applications comprise black anti-static Multoslip top cover, a fire retardant rubber compound and a loose clamp attachment system where a curved T-bolt fits into a groove in the underside of the bar.

Multotec’s loading points minimises wear and downtime - ultimately increasing belt life. 


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