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Multolag™ Pulley Lagging

Multotec has developed MultoLag™, a direct bond ceramic pulley lagging system for drive and non-drive pulleys. It serves as a maintenance-free wear-resistant cover applied to pulley shells, which improves traction in the case of drive pulleys, and provides a polished low friction surface on non-drive pulleys.

Multolag™ pulley lagging from Multotec comprises MultoLag™ Drive Pulley Lagging and MultoLag™ Non-Drive Pulley Lagging. Non-Drive Pulley Lagging comprises work-polished smooth ceramic tiles which reduce friction, and therefore wear, on both the pulley and the conveyor belt. Drive Pulley Lagging is made of high-density ceramic tiles, with studs, which maintains maximum traction in all conditions, including wet and muddy conditions.

Multolag™ Pulley Lagging advantages

  • Ceramic lagging does not wear
  • Increased plant availability
  • Reduced downtime and operating costs
  • Surface consistency of ceramic lagging maintains belt tracking
  • Localised damage can be repaired without the replacement of complete lagging

Both MultoLag™ Drive and MultoLag™ Non-Drive pulley lagging systems are available in 7 mm and 13 mm lagging thicknesses.

The high co-efficient of friction of the studded tiles on the drive pulleys ensures no movement between the ceramic-lined drive pulley surface and the conveyor belt surface, while the smooth/polished surface provided by the very hard ceramic on the non-drive pulleys provides minimal friction, less resistance and therefore significantly reduced wear.

Ceramic tiles are bonded directly to the steel surface using MultoLag™ high tensile flexible bonding system, which offers an installed shear strength of greater than 25 MPa.

Multolag™ Drive Pulley Lagging features

  • Studs with rounded edges prevent belt undercover wear increasing uptime
  • Dewatering grooves dissipate water and dirt enhancing processes
  • Drive pulleys can be hosed down without losing traction, maintaining productivity

Reduce your conveyor belts’ wear and slippage with our Multolag™ pulley lagging system. Discover more on how this unique system from Multotec can increase safety and reduce costs in your belting operation. Our Wear Lining specialist, Mark Jarrett, explains here.

Multotec’s Multolag™ Pulley Lagging provides increased plant availability, reduced downtime and lower operating costs.



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