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Multotec has revolutionised the mineral processing industry with its range of cyclones that feature its leading scrolled evolute design – the heart of the Multotec range.

Our scrolled evolute design achieves higher capacities (industry tested!) and reduced wear compared to regular inlets.

Our industry leading range of cyclones offers maximum separation efficiency and lower running costs, and is backed by our extensive application knowledge of the global mineral processing industry.

New field testing and cyclone design has resulted in a variety of cyclones that are lighter, more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and encompass power-saving features.

Multotec extends operating life of HDPE overflow elbows with new completely rubber-lined elbow overflow innovation. Read more below 

Features of our cyclone range:

  • Made from high quality rubber, ceramics and polyurethane compounds
  • Customised cyclone designs according to your unique specifications 
  • Designed for both fine and accurate cut-points
  • Reduced misplacement of product
  • Abrasion and heat resistant materials that reduce wear  
  • High temperature and chemical resistant for harsh applications 
  • Maintenance and operating manuals are included with all new units excluding replacement units 

Multotec has revolutionised cyclone design with its scrolled evolute inlet head designs. Click here to fill out the form and contact us today.


Through extensive testing and simulations, Multotec has proven that both the scrolled evolute and ribbon inlet designs have a higher capacity when compared to standard inlet designs. These designs substantially reduce vortex finder wear, thereby reducing operating costs while maximising cyclone efficiency.

Advantages of our scrolled evolute inlet head include:

  • Maximum efficiency of separation
  • Reduced misplacement of product
  • Cost effective beneficiation solutions 
  • Superiority of cyclone design confirmed by Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis
  • Field tested in real conditions
  • Minimised turbulence 
  • Reduction in wear rates - especially on the vortex finder
  • Overall operating costs are reduced
  • Reduced energy consumption

New HDPE Cyclone Overflow Elbows

Multotec has recently addressed customers’ requests in aggressive milling applications for longer-lasting overflow elbows with its new innovation: completely rubber-lined HDPE overflow elbows.

Traditionally, the wear on overflow elbows was very localised and easily prevented by the inclusion of a rubber overflow elbow sleeve. The 6 mm rubber sleeve was designed to fit inside the overflow elbow, just above the outlet of the inlet head. However in aggressive applications the wear point is exaggerated and therefore made the rubber sleeve less effective. Due to the HDPE manufacturing constraints, a longer sleeve cannot be fitted throughout the length of the overflow elbow.

However, this constraint is now a thing of the past thanks to Multotec’s new innovation. By rubber-lining the entire HDPE elbow, the overall operating life of the overflow elbow is now extended.

The fully rubber-lined elbows are lined with 6 mm thick natural rubber for all cyclone sizes up to 750 mm diameter. All cyclone sizes larger than 750 mm diameter will be lined with 10 mm thick natural rubber.

Multotec will still offer the unlined HDPE elbow and accompanying rubber sleeve for clients, as standard.

Contact Multotec today to learn more about our latest cyclone innovation!



Regional Availability

This is available to the global market.

Lower your cost per ton with our mineral processing equipment!

In the News

Mato Builds On 30 Years In SA To Grow Range, Footprint (March 2018)

Wth three successful decades of supplying mining and industrial customers in South Africa, Multotec Group company MATO Products is set to spread its wings in terms of both its product range and its southern African footprint.


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GV Cyclones

GV Cyclones are designed specifically for use in tailings dams. Light in weight, they match feed parameters to cyclone capacity and require minimal maintenance.

View GV Cyclones Product Details

Cyclone Spares

Multotec manufactures spares for every single part of its DMS and Hydro Cyclone ranges, amounting to over 10 000 producible cyclone spares.

View Cyclone Spares Product Details

Monocone Cyclone

Monocone cyclones from Multotec combine the spigot and cone into a single unit, which extends cyclone lifespan and increases separation efficiency.

View Monocone Cyclone Product Details

Multotec Tornado 660 Cyclone

The Tornado 660 cyclone is Multotec’s new flange-to-flange-fit cyclone solution.

View Multotec Tornado 660 Cyclone Product Details

Dewatering cyclones

Dewatering cyclones from Multotec are ideal for dewatering applications in mineral processing like water recovery and slurry densification.

View Dewatering cyclones Product Details

Classification Cyclones

Classification cyclones are protected with rubber or ceramic wear resistant linings in order to extend the life of your cyclone.

View Classification Cyclones Product Details

Dense Medium Cyclones

Our dense medium cyclones are cast in 27% high chrome cast iron, or steel ceramic lined with tile thicknesses up to 50 mm, for maximum wear resistance in harsh operating conditions.

View Dense Medium Cyclones Product Details

Cyclone Distributors

Cost-effective, highly-efficient and long-lasting, our wide range of cyclone distributors accommodates between 2 and 62 cyclones with cyclone diameters ranging from 45 mm to 1 400 mm.

View Cyclone Distributors Product Details

Cyclone Accessories

Our cyclones accessories allow you to monitor and control all critical parameters of your cyclone performance

View Cyclone Accessories Product Details

High Capacity Classification Cyclones

Our high capacity classification cyclones are manufactured with a mild steel shell that is either lined with replaceable rubber liners, vulcanised rubber or ceramic tiles according to your application requirements.

View High Capacity Classification Cyclones Product Details

Mill Circuit Cyclones

Mill circuit cyclones produce better separation efficiencies with minimal particle misplacement. This ultimately optimises mill efficiency and in-turn the downstream beneficiation process. These cyclones can reduce energy per ton processed.

View Mill Circuit Cyclones Product Details

Polyurethane Cyclones (VV)

Our polyurethane (VV) hydro-cyclones offer the most cost-effective solution for fine cut-point classification applications. These cyclones use a compound with a remarkable resistance to abrasive environments. This minimises operational costs.

View Polyurethane Cyclones (VV) Product Details

Stacker Cyclones

Stacker cyclones are suited to applications where maximum underflow densities are required and the tonnages handled by spigots can fluctuate. Rubber lined and polyurethane cyclones are available in stacker cyclone configuration.

View Stacker Cyclones Product Details

Cast Iron Cyclones

Multotec’s range of cast iron dense medium cyclones is cast in 27% chrome. This range features design innovations for ultimate wear protection and maximum separation efficiency.

View Cast Iron Cyclones Product Details

Ceramic Lined Cyclones (MAX)

Ceramic lined cyclones (MAX range) provide the ultimate in wear resistance with engineered chamfered tiles and design innovations. These cyclones ensure maximum efficiency of separation and improved wear life.

View Ceramic Lined Cyclones (MAX) Product Details

Cyclone Densifiers

Our cyclone densifiers maximise water removal and minimise medium loss in a dense medium circuit. Our experienced engineers can size the right cyclone densifier to match your need.

View Cyclone Densifiers Product Details

Pulp Distributors

Our pulp distributors ensure even distribution of flow and an equal split of solids, while minimising wear through the cyclone outlet pipes. A sampling point can be incorporated if required.

View Pulp Distributors Product Details

Alternative Cyclone Distributor Designs

Customised alternative cyclone distributor designs suit any application, output and space requirement. These cyclones feature compact vertical and skid mounted configurations for applications that require maximum mobility.

View Alternative Cyclone Distributor Designs Product Details

Compression Moulded Rubber Linings

Our compression moulded rubber linings provide long life wearing surfaces within our cyclones with a high-quality and easy-to-replace product. We supply replaceable rubber liners for our HC cyclone range.

View Compression Moulded Rubber Linings Product Details


Our Wafer Gate Valves (WGV), Knife Gate and Diaphragm Type valves are ideal for use as isolation valves and for precise cyclone control. Available in both manual and pneumatic options.

View Valves Product Details

Pressure Gauge Adapters

Our pressure gauge adapters allow easy fitment of pressure gauges to monitor our high capacity cyclones. We have a full range of pressure gauge adapters available.

View Pressure Gauge Adapters Product Details

Stacker Cyclone Vacuum Air Break Assembly

Achieve optimised air supply and control in your cyclone application with our Vacuum Air Break Assembly (VABA) system. We developed the VABA system for effective stacker cyclone operation.

View Stacker Cyclone Vacuum Air Break Assembly Product Details

Water Injectors

Reduce short circuiting to cyclone underflow by up to 50% with our water injectors. These water injector systems are simple in design, and can fit between cyclone lower cone flanges.

View Water Injectors Product Details


Multotec offers an extensive range of spigot sizes and types to match its cyclone range and their applications as well as spigot holders.

View Spigots Product Details

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a performance-enhancing process solution for you!