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Gravity Concentration

Multotec's Gravity concentration equipment is an efficient, cost-effective solution that separates minerals based on differences in gravity, with minimal energy requirements. Gravity concentration products are quick and easy to install, and, because they have no moving parts, are a fit-and-forget processing solution in mineral classification. Gravity concentration is used in coal, copper, iron ore, chrome, mineral sands and gold processing.

Our gravity concentration range includes:

Gravity concentration relies on the behaviour and reaction of different particle densities and sizes to gravity and centrifugal force. Over the course a stream’s journey down the gravity concentration spiral, 2 or 3 mineral grades can be accumulated. This means more accurate and more efficient downstream processing from your gravity concentration system.

Feed slurry distributors for our gravity concentration range can be supplied with up to 36 outlets.

Gravity concentration products are manufactured from fibreglass and epoxy resin with a polyurethane coating at Multotec’s spiral concentrator workshop in Spartan, Johannesburg.

Features of our range of gravity concentration products:

  • 2.5 to 8 turns in customised trough profiles, up to 3 feed starts
  • Wear resistance ensures longer life
  • Component durability and no moving parts lowers maintenance & energy costs
  • Modular gravity concentration units facilitate ease of handling
  • Compact gravity concentration designs increase available floor space
  • Can be custom-designed to suit specifications and application requirements

Multotec partners with you to drive constant productivity improvements to your plant. We’ll ensure your gravity concentration steps are in line with the optimum classification parameters of your mineral streams.

Enhance your mineral processing operation with our gravity concentration solutions! Call us on +27 11 923 6285 or Click here to fill out the form and contact us today.

Gravity concentration in different mineral plants: what’s your application?

Coal beneficiation

Gravity concentration is used for processing coal fines downstream of a cyclone, following desliming and sizing screening. After gravity concentration, coal streams are fed into dewatering screens, and then a Siebtechnik centrifuges.

Gold beneficiation

Gravity concentration spirals are optional in gold processing, used for carbon degritting.

Platinum beneficiation

You’ll find Multotec gravity concentration solutions in platinum beneficiation plants. Gravity concentration is used to separate chrome from a stream that is already classified from the main platinum streams by a desliming screen.

Iron ore beneficiation

Gravity concentration is used in iron ore processing. Following a range of screening processes, large assemblies of spiral concentrators are located downstream of a cyclone cluster and are used in classifying iron ore fines from waste.

Chrome beneficiation

You’ll find gravity concentration spirals at 2 points in a typical chrome processing plants. Following classification from a sizing screen upstream, gravity concentration spiral are used for fines and medium density streams, both following cyclone classification.

Mineral sands beneficiation

Spiral concentrators play an important role in the typical mineral sand processing plant. Gravity concentration is used early in the separation process downstream of a trommel screen and cyclone. It is also used considerably further downstream after magnetic separation and sizing. You can also use gravity concentration after hot acid leaching to separate tails from streams still containing zircon.


Contact Multotec to find out more about how our gravity concentration equipment can optimise your process flow! Send us an enquiry here.

Field service for our gravity concentration systems

Our gravity concentration equipment is backed by extensive field service and maintenance agreements that are geared towards ensuring maximum uptime and product performance.

We offer full delivery, installation and retrofitting of gravity concentration equipment into your process. We’ll partner with you across the lifecycle of your plant to provide ongoing field service and maintenance of our gravity concentration solutions through our strategic network of mobile service crews.

Technical capabilities

Multotec is a turnkey supplier of plant processing and gravity concentration equipment, from design and consultancy through installation, integration and hot and cold commissioning.

Our experienced metallurgists and process engineers provide comprehensive plant, process and equipment audits to make sure your gravity concentration equipment achieves maximum beneficiation efficiency in your mineral processing operation. Our specialised Spiral Audits for gravity concentration equipment ensure they are both maintained and configured for best performance.

Research and development in gravity concentration

Research and development has always been at the very core of what makes Multotec the company it is. Our team of metallurgists and process engineers constantly work to drive greater product speed to market; increased product consistency and reliability; helping OEMs become solutions providers; and equipment recycling.

This insatiable drive for best-in-class mineral processing equipment is reflected in our gravity concentration systems! Our gravity concentration systems are manufactured according to the best practices that we’ve established for the African market.


Enquire about our gravity concentration systems today! Call us in +27 11 923 6285 or Send us an enquiry here.


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