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Ancillary Dry Sampling

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Multotec’s range of ancillary dry sampling and preparation equipment entrenches the company as a world leader in dry bulk sampling, facilitating composite mineral samples that offer a high degree of representivity and free of significant bias.

Our complete dry sampling solutions ensure proper delineation and extraction of increments from a material stream when taking the required full cross-cut sample segment, while avoiding environmental contamination and loss of moisture to the sample during preparation. This allows for enhanced sample integrity.

Our range of ancillary dry sampling equipment utilises a rugged construction to deliver reliable, low-maintenance sampling solutions that can be tailored for a wide range of mineral applications with adjustable division ratios possible.

Multotec facilitates accurate and durable dry sampling solutions in line with ISO, ASTM, DIN, AS and other internationally recognised sampling standards to help ensure your product mineral grade meets your expectations.

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Our ancillary dry sampling features:

  • Suits various top sizes of material and variable division ratios
  • Accurate sample increment mass reduction / division
  • Discharge chute or vertical gravity flow applications with up to quaternary stages
  • Suitable for crushing hard materials, e.g. iron ore
  • 3CR12, 316 or 304 stainless steel, HDPE and VRN-lined mild steel sample chute work and containers / sample collection carousels
  • Sample feed and/or rejects handling systems

Get representative composite samples of your conveyed mineral content with our ancillary dry sampling solutions!

As a leader in providing tailored and reliable sampling solutions, Multotec has installed over 700 sampling solutions in the last decade into the majority of local and select international mineral markets and industries (coal, iron ore, manganese, chrome, aluminium, ferroalloys, lime, heavy mineral sand, gold, platinum, copper and zinc).

Multotec’s dry sampling equipment has been designed with chute work having recommended minimum slopes of 70° with radiused corners to eliminate build-up and avoid blockages.

Multotec has been manufacturing and supplying sampling equipment under licence to Siebtechnik GmbH, Germany, since 1987.

Regional Availability

This product is available in Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and South America (Brazil, Chile and Peru).

Get accurate and repeatable samples of your mineral content with our sampling solutions

In the News

Mato Builds On 30 Years In SA To Grow Range, Footprint (March 2018)

Wth three successful decades of supplying mining and industrial customers in South Africa, Multotec Group company MATO Products is set to spread its wings in terms of both its product range and its southern African footprint.

Rotating Tube Splitter

Rotating Tube Splitters reduce mineral sample quantities into multiple fractions for convenient separate processing.

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Rotary Sample Indexer

Rotary sample indexers accurately divide or allocate your separate mineral samples or relevant product into 4 or more different bins.

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Sample Carousel Collector

Sample carousel collectors accumulate composite samples into separate and sequential containers once each is filled.

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Sample Feeder Conveyor

Sample feeder conveyors safely enclose and consistently dose mineral sample increments in between unit sampling, crushing and division steps.

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Variable Ratio Divider

Variable Ratio Dividers from Multotec are used for reliable dry material constant mass sample division.

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Rotating Plate Divider / Dry Vezin Splitter

Rotating plate dividers and vezin splitters provide continuous or timed sample division in bulk materials handling systems for providing high integrity results.

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Rotary Sample Splitter

Rotary sample splitters accurately divide your mineral samples into 10 or more different bins.

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Rotating Cone Sampler

Our Rotating Cone Sampler provides a dry continuous discharge sample at division ratios up to 1000:1 – ideal for representative online analyser feed. Find out more about real time process monitoring.

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