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Wet Sampling

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Multotec has been designing, manufacturing and supplying wet sampling equipment since 1987. Multotec is currently a leading provider in the accredited design and supply of reputable wet sampling solutions to the global mining and minerals market, particularly precious and base metals, uranium, phosphate, titanium oxide, tungsten, industrial and various other minerals.

Our specialists have experience in all aspects of "correct" sampling and preparation over an extensive range of mineral applications. This enables the selection of the best and most cost-effective solutions to suit all your sampling applications.

Since 2005, Multotec has had a close association with the biennial World Conference of Sampling and Blending (WCSB) and its leading and participating consultants. This has further helped Multotec align itself with correct sampling protocol and equipment design to ensure best sampling practice to the benefit of all concerned.

Multotec wet sampling solutions features and benefits:

  • Mild steel/rubber-lined, various stainless steel, ceramic-lined or other materials of construction are available
  • Custom-built primary sample receiving hoppers with air agitation and sample collection cabinets supplied where recommended
  • Dual or replicate sampling possible to ensure sample integrity and assessing equipment precision levels between the dual samples
  • Water flushing systems complete with nozzles, hoses, solenoids and automated electrical controls are optional
  • Filter presses for composite sample drying and storage
  • Designs handling up to 6 000 m3/hour flow rates and higher, for slurries with up to 55% solids depending on the solids SG
  • Suitable for up to 900 NB vertical pipe columns or larger with gravity flow slurry streams


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Regional Availability

This is available to the global market, except for European markets.

Get accurate and repeatable samples of your mineral content with our sampling solutions

In the News

Mato Builds On 30 Years In SA To Grow Range, Footprint (March 2018)

Wth three successful decades of supplying mining and industrial customers in South Africa, Multotec Group company MATO Products is set to spread its wings in terms of both its product range and its southern African footprint.

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Shark Fin Sampler

Take slurry flow ‘specimens’ from pressurised lines in metallurgical accounting applications. Can be used for process control purposes.

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Two-in-One Sampler

Avoid sampling errors (biases) and associated hidden costs with Two-In-One rotary cross cut samplers from Multotec.

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Primary Rotary Cross Cut Sampler

Add accurate and reliable process control to your vertical gravity flow streams with our primary rotary cross cut sampler.

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Vezin Slurry Sampler

Collect accurate samples with Francis Pitard accredited vezin slurry sampler designs from Multotec for all your metallurgical accounting needs.

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Launder Cross Cut Sampler

Launder or linear cross cut samplers for horizontal or inclined open slurry stream applications for accurate and representative cross cut samples.

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Pressure Pipe Sampler

Our In-Line Pressure Pipe sampling device provides indicative mineral qualities only within samples under highly pressurised conditions in slurry pipelines and for plant control purposes only.

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