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Screen Panels

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With over 40 years of experience, Multotec has developed a range of robust, resilient screen panels, systems and solutions that have optimised mineral screening processes around the world.

Multotec’s commitment to lowering its clients’ overall cost per ton processed through research and development, has resulted in screen panels that are modular, cost-effective and designed to lower maintenance and downtime while ensuring even feed distribution and high drainage capacities.

Multotec screen panels are constructed from rubber, polyurethane, wedge wire and composites (Polywedge and Polypunch) and have proven success in optimising the screening process for the majority of the world’s commodities for international mining giants.

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Features of our screen panels:

  • Minimise pegging and blinding with optimised designs
  • Designed for improved wear life in tough operating conditions
  • Available in a wide range of apertures and panel thicknesses to suit any application
  • Available in 305 X 305 mm and 305 X 610 mm or customised sizes to suit your application requirements 
  • Reduced running costs as only worn panels need to be replaced
  • Quick and simple installation and removal
  • Available with a wide range of screen fastening systems and accessories   


All Multotec mineral processing screens are manufactured in-house at our 43 000 m2 facility in Johannesburg. This means that we quality test every screen panel we manufacture!      

Click the following links to view our full screen panel specification pdfs and photo gallery.

Find a screen panel for your industry:

  • Coal – Polyurethane Screens, Rubber Screensand Wedge Wire Screens
  • Diamonds – Polyurethane Screens, Rubber Screens and Wedge Wire Screens
  • Iron Ore – Polyurethane Screens,  Rubber Screens  and Wedge Wire Screens
  • Copper – Polyurethane screens, Rubber Screens and Trommel Screens
  • Gold – Polyurethane Screens, Wedge Wire Cylinders and Trommel Screens 
  • Platinum – Polyurethane Screens, Rubber Screens and Trommel Screens
  • Base Metals – Polyurethane Screens, Rubber Screens and Trommel Screens
  • Heavy Minerals –Trommel Screensand Wedge Wire Screens

At Multotec, your screen panels come standard with application knowledge, industry understanding, refined engineering and field service maintenance.

Complete the enquiry form and a Multotec consultant will contact you

A customised screening media solution

Multotec’s highly experienced team of sales engineers, technical specialists and production experts will assess your unique required screen panel input and throughput requirements on site. From there, Multotec will design an optimised screen panel solution or system in its drawing rooms and then create a customised solution just for you - ensuring you get the most efficient screening media solution available on the market.

Revolutionising screen panels to reduce your downtime and costs 

Multotec’s experience and knowledge of the global mining industry has enabled it to create screen panels that are easy to install and change-out. Multotec’s commitment to lowering your downtime has resulted in an interlocking system in which only worn panels need to be replaced, and not the entire screen panel, drastically saving you time and money.  

Monitor Screen Panel Wear with Hawkeye™

Multotec is able to monitor the wear patterns and rates of your screen panel with Hawkeye™ condition monitoring system. This innovation is able to predict change-out dates and indicate necessary design improvements of your screen panel in any application. Read more about how we’re reducing client downtime with Hawkeye™ here.

From class leading heavy duty screen panels, pegging and blinding resistant panels, to High Open Area (HOA) drainage and dewatering screen panels, Multotec has the screening media solution for your application!

Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.


Capitalise on over 40 years of screening media experience

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100 mm Screen Media

100 mm screen media from Multotec is a durable rubber screening panel that is easy to fit using the Multotec XHD 100MM THK pin and sleeve system.

View 100 mm Screen Media Product Details

Polyurethane Screens

Our polyurethane screens are light, cost-effective and achieve a long working life even in harsh operating mineral processing conditions

View Polyurethane Screens Product Details

Rubber Screens

Rubber screens designed to absorb impact, reduce pegging and blinding as well as improve wear life in all mineral processing applications.

View Rubber Screens Product Details

Wedge Wire Screens

Wedge wire screens manufactured from durable stainless steel for high levels of wear resistance in harsh corrosive and abrasive applications.

View Wedge Wire Screens Product Details

Polywedge Screen Panels

Our Polywedge screens offer the advantages of polyurethane and wedge wire in one the injection moulded panel

View Polywedge Screen Panels Product Details

Polypunch Screen Panels

Polypunch screens are ideal for use on both single and multi-slope screens where high impact and high abrasion is present.

View Polypunch Screen Panels Product Details

Screen Panel Fastening Systems and Accessories

Our screen panel fastening systems and accessories simplify screen panel maintenance and reduce overall downtime

View Screen Panel Fastening Systems and Accessories Product Details

TeePee™ Screen Panels

TeePee™ Screen Panels from Multotec provide double the open area of conventional flat panels and drainage capacity for dewatering and rinsing applications

View TeePee™ Screen Panels Product Details

Multodeck Modular Screening Systems

Multodeck Modular Screening Systems reduce downtime and overall costs per ton by only replacing worn panels

View Multodeck Modular Screening Systems Product Details

Vibroplast Screen Panels

Robust vibroplast screen panels reduce pegging and blinding in all mineral processing applications

View Vibroplast Screen Panels Product Details

Hand Cast Polyurethane Screen Panels

Hand Cast Polyurethane Screen Panels enable unrestricted downward movement of sized particles and long-lasting performance.

View Hand Cast Polyurethane Screen Panels Product Details

Rubber Trommel Panels

Rubber trommel panels achieve maximum throughputs while reducing wear and impact in heavy minerals processing

View Rubber Trommel Panels Product Details

Optima Wedge Wire Flat Drainage Panels

Optima wedge wire flat drainage panels for high abrasion and corrosion resistance in vibrating screen applications

View Optima Wedge Wire Flat Drainage Panels Product Details

Optima Wedge Wire CIP/CIL Screens

High-strength, stainless steel Optima wedge wire CIP/CIL screens for improved wear resistance in coarse mineral processing applications.

View Optima Wedge Wire CIP/CIL Screens Product Details

 Partner with Multotec today to achieve your mineral processing goals


We provide piece of mind with real-time supply, installation and asset management and flow sheet solutions with emphasis on plant availability, and service support to mines, project houses and a growing OEM client base. 


Multotec's mineral screening equipment is used in over 300 mines across Africa. This is because we understand the industry, have refined engineering techniques and offer professional field service maintenance.

A range of mineral processing equipment designed to achieve optimal productivity in the world's primary industries, including: 
Coal, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Copper, Iron Ore, Chrome, Mineral Sands and Power Generation

Speak to a Multotec consultant today about how we can manufacture
a performance-enhancing process solution for you!