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Sievebends & Statics

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Multotec has developed sievebends and static screens for screening media solutions to ensure you attain the best possible uptime and reduce overall cost per ton.

This has been achieved through specific design, and varying ranges of sievebend and static equipment, tailored to use both polyurethane and wedge wire sievebends and screens. Sievebend housings are available as either static or reversible sievebend housing units.

International mining houses such as Glencore, Anglo American, BHP Billiton, FQM, Vale and Rio Tinto use Multotec’s equipment to reduce running costs and optimise plant performance.

Our range of sievebends and statics feature:

  • Polyurethane and wedge wire components provide longer life
  • Customised dimensions enables increased productivity
  • Wide range of standardised products affords the best possible solutions
  • Lining types available for all applications where necessary 

Click the following links to view our full sievebends and statics specification pdf's and photo gallery.


Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

Capitalise on over 40 years of screening media experience


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Sievebends come in polyurethane and wedge wire, suited to any application and can be customised.

View Sievebends Product Details

Sievebend Housings

Sievebend housings comprise static and reversible sievebend housings, ideal for both polyurethane and wedge wire sievebends.

View Sievebend Housings Product Details

Static Screens

Static screens reduce the load of material required ahead of vibrating screens, making them ideal for media recovery and dewatering applications.

View Static Screens Product Details

Wedge Wire Sievebends

Facilitating increased drainage, wedge wire sievebends give long life through high abrasion resistance.

View Wedge Wire Sievebends Product Details

Polyurethane Sievebends

Polyurethane sievebends have a long life, are easily repaired, and come in 3 standard lengths: 800 mm, 1 200 mm and 1 600 mm.

View Polyurethane Sievebends Product Details

Reversible & Static Sievebend Housings

Reversible and static sievebend housings reduce labour, improve safety and are corrosion resistant.

View Reversible & Static Sievebend Housings Product Details

Multotec's mineral screening equipment is used in over 300 mines across Africa. This is because we understand the industry, have refined engineering techniques and offer professional field service maintenance.

A range of mineral processing equipment designed to achieve optimal productivity in the world's primary industries, including: 
Coal, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Copper, Iron Ore, Chrome, Mineral Sands and Power Generation

Speak to a Multotec consultant today about how we can manufacture
a performance-enhancing process solution for you!