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Sub Frames & Rail Systems

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Sub frames and rail systems from Multotec provide a robust, and versatile tailored support solution for the securement of a range of modular rubber and polyurethane screen panels.

As a complete manufacturer of sub frames and rail systems for all duties, Multotec supplies customisable screen support solutions that deliver a secure, long-lasting fitting that strengthens panel integrity, reduces maintenance processes to maximise uptime, and lowers equipment costs through optimisable frame infrastructures.

Multotec’s patented Saddle Top™ and T-bar rail systems significantly increase the lifespan of both vibrating and static screening media support frames and screen panels. This eliminates the need to replace entire runner sections once the panel-fastening holes begin to wear.

In addition to being fully customisable according to the throughput demands of your operation, the actual construction of the sub frame and methods of fastening can also be tailored as demanded by mineral characteristics.

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Our sub frames and rail systems feature:

  • Superior sub frame supports enhance screen panel life and performance
  • Custom box, dewatering screen, side tension and bolt down sub frames for polyurethane and rubber screens
  • Saddle Top™ eliminates the need to replace the entire runner system once fastening holes wear
  • Screen sub frame life can be prolonged with oxide/copon paint, galvanising or synthetic coating
  • Welded or huckbolt runners, as demanded by application and mineral
  • Sub frames and rails tailored to your throughput and machine requirements
  • Suited for high-impact screening

Click the following links to view our full sub frames and rail system specification pdf and photo gallery.


Mount your screen array to an application-tailored sub frame and rail system for a holistically lower cost per ton of screening

Field Service

Multotec is also dedicated and committed to providing spare parts as well as after-sales support using specialised field service teams. Its experienced field service support teams provide high levels of service, with on-site inspection. Delivering detailed client reports and providing ongoing equipment monitoring, Multotec also oversees equipment maintenance.


Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

Capitalise on over 40 years of screening media experience

In the News

Mato Builds On 30 Years In SA To Grow Range, Footprint (March 2018)

Wth three successful decades of supplying mining and industrial customers in South Africa, Multotec Group company MATO Products is set to spread its wings in terms of both its product range and its southern African footprint.

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Screen Sub Frames

Multotec supports its high-quality screening media with sturdy, customisable framing solutions that enhance and prolong screen service life

View Screen Sub Frames Product Details

Saddle Top™ System

The Saddle Top™ sub frame design eliminates the need to change runners when replacing screen panel fastening holes

View Saddle Top™ System Product Details

T-Bar Rail System

T-Bar rail systems provide a flexible runner solution within a durable screen sub frame

View T-Bar Rail System Product Details

Standard Modular Screen Sub Frames

Custom box-type, dewatering, side tension and bolt down sub frames provide a durable, reliable housing for polyurethane and rubber screen panels

View Standard Modular Screen Sub Frames Product Details

Screen Sub Frame Finishes

Anti-corrosive red oxide/copon paint, galvanising, polyurethane or rubber coating to protect your screen sub frame.

View Screen Sub Frame Finishes Product Details

Welded & Huckbolted Runner Screen Sub Frames

Screen sub frame runners can be mounted with either welding or huckbolting, depending on your requirements

View Welded & Huckbolted Runner Screen Sub Frames Product Details

Multotec's mineral screening equipment is used in over 300 mines across Africa. This is because we understand the industry, have refined engineering techniques and offer professional field service maintenance.

A range of mineral processing equipment designed to achieve optimal productivity in the world's primary industries, including: 
Coal, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Copper, Iron Ore, Chrome, Mineral Sands and Power Generation

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