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CIF® For Process Water Treatment

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Multotec has partnered with Australian company Clean TeQ to introduce continuous counter-current ion exchange technology into the African market for process water treatment and metals recovery.

Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®) from Multotec can achieve water recoveries of up to 95% and higher in various applications such as mining, industrial and municipal process water treatment.

The CIF® water treatment process simultaneously removes dissolved salts (TDS) and suspended solids (TSS) from process water.  

Benefits of CIF® in your operation:

  • High water recovery
  • Reduced brine production
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Smaller plant footprint
  • Lower capital and operating costs

Features of CIF®

  • Modular and mobile
  • Self-cleaning
  • High solids handling capabilities
  • Flexible with changing feed conditions
  • Able to achieve zero liquid discharge
  • Potential to recover valuable by-products
  • Robust, with the ability to operate in high scaling and fouling conditions
  • Optimised resin inventory

Up to 50% more cost effective than conventional technologies. Our technical experts are here to help. Complete the enquiry form and our expert will contact you.

How CIF® process water treatment works:

Adsorption: Feed water enters the bottom of the adsorption column and leaves via the top, ready for beneficial re-use or complementary processing.

Resin washing: “Dirty” ion-loaded resin is washed from contaminant solids in a fluidised wash process.

Desorption: Ion-loaded resin is introduced to the application-specific regeneration solutions, alkalis, acids or salts.

Final Washing: Regeneration solutions are washed from the regenerated resin for recovery and reuse in the Ionic Filtration column.

This modular, full-scale or mobile CIF® water treatment solution consists of single stage CIF®, dual stage DeSALx® or CIF® enabled high recovery reverse osmosis, HiROx®, to remove both cations and anions from feed waters:

  • Single Stage CIF® – for targeted element removal and de-alkalisation applications
  • Dual Stage CIF® (DeSALx®) – for desalination of water under high fouling and scaling conditions, whilst achieving high water recovery
  • High Recovery Reverse Osmosis (HiROx®) – combination of CIF® with reverse osmosis achieves zero liquid discharge!

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 Achieving ZLD

Water should be considered a revenue stream instead of something to treat and dispose. Supposed wastewaters from many mines contain valuables and some mines are currently relooking at ways of using recycled water to produce revenue. The Continuous Ionic Filtration® (CIF®) technology developed by Clean TeQ and used by Multotec in its process water treatment and solid/liquid separation applications is in fact metals recovery technology. This technology has evolved to become a dual-purpose treatment as it is often used purely as a water treatment solution. Technologies like this help companies achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD), among other treatment processes. 

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Achieve high water recoveries even in high fouling and scaling conditions with Multotec’s process water treatment solutions

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