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Filter Press

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Filter press systems from Multotec effectively and efficiently isolate solids and liquids in fully automated, energy efficient press-separation cycles. This comes with the company’s more than 40 years’ experience in the solid/liquid separation business, which has put Multotec in the position to design a range of filter press systems that enhance production and efficiency.

Multotec’s filter press systems are able to reduce processing times by up to 10 minutes per cycle and increase cake dryness.

Reduce component stress, improve safety and lower operating costs with filter press systems from Multotec!

 Features of our filter press systems:

  • Low moisture content product
  • Reclaim discharged minerals with unique filter press designs
  • Fast, automated sludge separation
  • Comprehensive filter press spec design
  • Self-washing press filters

Sourced from international specialists in mineral processing and solid/liquid separation like Ishigaki, Micronics and Seprotech, our range of filter presses feature numerous functions like automated injection, material dispatch, pressing and self-cleaning.


Seprotech is a member of the Multotec Group. Contact a Multotec consultant by filling out the enquiry form.


Multotec filter press system advantages: 

  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Increase environmental compliance
  • Lower drive pressures prolong apparatus life and improve safety
  • Reduce downtime and minimal manual intervention
  • Comprehensive after-sales field service 

All filter press systems from Multotec are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.


Multotec’s filter press and other solid/liquid separation solutions are used worldwide in chemical and mineral processing; and in coal or water treatment plants. 


In addition to the above filter press categories, all tailored to meet your various solid/liquid separation requirements, Multotec has a number of custom-designed filter press solutions that form part of these categories; they are:

A range of sludge filter press, designed by Multotec, are designed to reduce waste while effectively reclaiming discharged minerals. Presses in this range have lower drive pressures, which prolong apparatus life and improve safety. They also offer lower operating costs while increasing environmental compliance.

Currently called industrial filter press, Multotec’s plate and frame filter press are based on the reliable design of the original plate and frame filter press. However, the design is enhanced so that these presses contribute to lowering your overall cost per ton processed. Filter cloth is strong and highly durable, providing high performance. All cloths can be customised to suit your various requirements.

High filtration capacity ensures a stable and disinfected product when using recessed plate filter press from Multotec. In addition, they minimise both storage and disposal costs, contributing to your bottom line.

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Filter Press Filter cloths 

Filter cloths form part of Multotec’s filter press range of accessories, and their range is made of lightweight to heavy duty filter cloths, allowing you to optimise your filtering operation.

All our filter cloths are available in a range of synthetic and natural fibres and, depending on your solid/liquid separation requirements, they are either felted or woven.

Filter press advantages explained

Improved safety and lower operating costs: The clamping force on Multotec’s press filters is drastically lower than conventional hydraulic filter presses. This makes the process environment safer, while the reduced stress on components means your equipment lasts longer.

Automate your press’ internal cleaning: Filter press machines from Multotec have travelling spray bars that are used to simultaneously wash the entire array of filter cloths between each cycle in just 40 seconds.

Leading design innovations for reliable, efficient solid/liquid separation 

Rapid separation times increase processing efficiency: The rapid filter press’ separation cycles are completed within 15 to 20 minutes – a decrease in processing time of up to 10 minutes, compared to conventional hydraulic presses – allowing maximum processing capability.

Reduced component stress, improved safety and lower operating costs: The rapid filter press’ clamping force is produced by just 8% of the pressure powering conventional hydraulic filter presses, meaning the process environment is safer, while the reduced stress on components ensures longer equipment lifespan.

Automate your press’ internal cleaning: The rapid filter press contains internal travelling spray bars that wash the entire filter cloth array simultaneously between each cycle in just 40 seconds, eliminating excessive build-up of material residue and removing the need for manual intervention and unnecessary downtime.


After sales services: All of Multotec’s solutions are supported by an extensive after sales service that includes inspections and maintenance agreements. 

Holistic service and maintenance support: Multotec offers strategic stockholdings and sustained, comprehensive field service and maintenance support with a team of specially trained engineers – ensuring that your rapid filter press operates at maximum productivity efficiency through total component maintenance and fast resolutions of service downtime.

Regional Availability

This is available to the global market.

Multotec increases the rate of solid/liquid separation, lowering your overall cost per ton

In the News

Mato Builds On 30 Years In SA To Grow Range, Footprint (March 2018)

Wth three successful decades of supplying mining and industrial customers in South Africa, Multotec Group company MATO Products is set to spread its wings in terms of both its product range and its southern African footprint.


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Mini Filter Press

Multotec mini filter presses are tailored for industrial wastewater treatment, having been designed as a small scale or pilot filter press to meet demand.

View Mini Filter Press Product Details

Ishigaki Filter Press

Ishigaki filter presses are designed for high capacity, energy efficient filtration. This is achieved through an optimised design that allows for automatic simultaneous opening and closing of the press plates. This filter press also has an automatic cloth washing cycle.

View Ishigaki Filter Press Product Details

Seprotech Rapid Filter Press

Isolate solids and liquids in fully automated, energy efficient press-separation cycles with Seprotech rapid filter press. These filter presses provide for fast, automated sludge separation and reduced downtime with their self-washing filters.

View Seprotech Rapid Filter Press Product Details

Micronics Filter Press

Micronics filter press for high to medium capacity filtration provides fast, reliable solid/liquid separation with minimal downtime. These filter press provide for efficient and economical dewatering and are available as manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

View Micronics Filter Press Product Details

Filter Press Accessories

Our filter press accessories include filter cloths and plates that extend the versatility of your press system. Your filter press accessories are customisable, ensuring they meet your application requirements in order to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

View Filter Press Accessories Product Details

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