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Pipeline Wear & Flow Solutions

Multotec has designed pipe lining solutions for plants that facilitate the transference of materials, often at high velocities and with high abrasive properties. We can construct pipe linings as either ceramic pipe tiles (used in very large diameter pipes), or as a tailored monolithic ceramic sleeve. Cast basalt is used in high-temperature applications.

Multotec has developed the capability to provide turnkey pipe system solutions that are manufactured and lined to specification, which integrates well with a field maintenance programme.

One of the primary applications in the mining industries is in slurry lines, where the suspended particles, often travelling at up to 30 m/s, exert an abrasive wear on the pipe lining.

In the power generation industry, Multotec has defined the performance benchmark in the design, manufacture and installation of Pulverised Fuel Pipes as well as ceramic and basalt ash lines, which are widely used in currently operational power stations across South Africa.

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Our pipeline wear & flow solutions feature:

  • Extreme abrasion resistance, at temperatures of up to 400 °C
  • Ceramic tiles and sleeves available
  • Turnkey pipe solutions available, built and lined to spec

Provide maximum abrasion resistance to your plant’s conveyance piping infrastructure!


Regional Availability

This is available to the global market.

Enhance your plant performance with our complete range of wear solutions!


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