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Power Generation

Multotec offers a range of robust and reliable process solutions that enhance power generation plant performance. Our solutions for power generation plants include both raw coal transfer systems and P.F. handling equipment, which are easily installed and retrofitted into your existing operation.

Multotec is a leading supplier of wear linings to the power generation industry, having been active in the manufacture of high-technology alumina ceramics, cast basalt and other composite materials for over 20 years. Over this time, the company has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation, technological expertise and quality manufacturing. This has positioned Multotec as the leading supplier of solutions for the power generation industry.

Achieve maximum performance in your power generation plant

Multotec offers sophisticated engineering and design capabilities for both standard and custom engineered ceramics, abrasion audits, as well as full specification design, installation and related project management.

Click here to view the Wear Liners flow sheet and see how Multotec’s equipment fits into the overall process. Click on each ‘hot spot’ within the flow sheet to read more about that particular product and see how we can help optimise your production today.