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Mill and Scrubber Linings

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Mill and scrubber linings from Multotec are specifically designed  from rubber or rubber composite liners for each application.  On-going design improvements and high service levels result in extended periods between shuts and an improved grind. A focus on good fitment of liners results in reduced downtime for installations resulting in increased production.

Multotec mill and scrubber lining features and benefits:

  • Reduced weight compared to steel liners results in less wear on bearings and reduction in  torque at start up
  • Alternatives of resilient rubber or rubber and steel composite liners results in rubber linings being applicable for a wide range of applications
  • Reduced weight of liners make it safe to  install by hand, eliminating the need for a mill liner handler
  • Excellent sealing properties eliminate gold lock-up improving inventory of valuable product
  • Throughput is increased as blinding of grate plates is virtually eliminated
  • Rubber mill linings reduce noise levels for improved working conditions.

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Rubber developed to suit your requirements

Multotec’s rubber mill and scrubber linings are designed by combining the results of computer simulations and inspection data in order to optimise charge trajectory and wear life.  

Our lining components are available in a wide range of designs, dimensions and profiles. In addition to the standard rubber components, we also supply MultoMet composite lifter bars, shell plates and head plates. The MultoMet range incorporates ‘Hardox 500’ wear-resistant steel, fitted to the leading edge of the lifter bars and embedded into the shell plates and head plates to provide improved impact and abrasion resistance. The HD (Heavy Duty) MultoMet lifter bars incorporate castings into the lifter bars which allows the design to have the optimum H2A (Height-to-Angle) and to protect the top face of the lifters for maximum life.

Multotec can provide the correct rubber formulation and attachment systems such as stainless steel T-tracks to suit highly acidic, high pH and even diesel operating environments.

Multotec installation teams supervise, assist and undertake complete lining installations. Stock control assistance and condition monitoring are also provided.

Multotec mill and scrubber lining components

Shell Plates: The thickness can vary in order to balance mill capacity and liner life.

  • MultoMet shell plates, incorporating Hardox strips, are available for arduous applications or where the drilling pattern results in the shell plates being too wide and exposed to high wear

Lifter Bars: Available in a range of widths, heights, and profiles.

  • MultoMet’ composite lifter bars with ‘Hardox 500’ steel fitted to the leading edge provides improved impact and abrasion resistance
  • HD MultoMet composite lifter bars with casting inserts protect the leading edge and top face to provide the maximum impact and abrasion resistance whilst allowing for the best trajectory design
  • The attachment system is designed to provide ease of Installation, maximum life and protection

Head Plates: Head Plates are custom designed for each mill or scrubber for ease of installation and handling.

  • Rubber head plates are the standard supply
  • MultoMet head plates incorporating Hardox strips are available for arduous applications or where the drilling pattern results in the head plates being too wide and exposed to high wear

Grate Plates: Available in a range of  aperture sizes and configurations.

  • Internal frames are designed for the different mill loads
  • Semi-overflow designs can be made to control the pulp level in the mill
  • Different designs and configurations such as a built-in MultoMet lifter bar can be supplied for an extended life

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Pulp Lifters: Manufactured from a fabricated steel base, which is then rubber lined.

  • Multotec’s designs of pulp lifters ensure the correct volumetric flow of the pulp
  • An improved life can be achieved with rubber wear plates designed to be bolted onto the high wear areas

Trunnion & Bell Mouth Liners: Manufactured from a fabricated steel base, which is then rubber lined. Loose steel backed rubber liners are also used in larger trunnions.

Central Cones: Designed to assist the discharge of the material to increase capacity.

  • These are supplied in segments that are assembled inside the mill for ease of being carried into the mill and handling (The whole Centre Cone section should be directly underneath the Pulp Lifters section.)

Filling &  Support Segments:  These fit into the corners of the mills and scrubbers to provide a clean interface between the head and shell liners.

  • Multotec’s design locks the Head Plates and Grate Plates into position

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Increase product life and reduce downtime with Multotec's mill and scrubber linings

Scrubber Liners

Multotec rubber scrubber liners are designed to ensure a good scrubbing action.

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Ball Mill Linings

Ball Mill linings from Multotec provide long life, throughput and high grinding efficiency.

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SAG Mill Liners

Multotec SAG Mill linings use rubber composite components to provide impact and wear resistance.

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AG Mill Liners

Multotec rubber and composite liners are suitable for all AG Mill applications.

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