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Wear Solutions

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Wear solutions from Multotec enhance your mineral processing efficiency through the manufacture and installation of high-quality abrasion- and impact-resistant solutions that increase the component life of your conveyance hardware and equipment, maximising the performance and profitability of your plant to lower your cost per processed ton.

Since the early 1980s, Multotec has been a world-leading provider of wear solutions, specialising in rubber, ceramic and composite linings in a multitude of design configurations to provide your operation with tailored, application-specific wear solutions.

Multotec wear solutions include both sleeve and tile form solutions that provide protection for pipelines, chambers, transfer points and chutes against high-velocity impacts and sliding abrasion. Heat-resistant abrasion solutions are provided through the use of cast basalt, which offers thermal protection up to 400 °C.

Multotec offers complete turnkey wear solutions, from sophisticated design and engineering capabilities of standard and custom solutions, installation and project management, as well as abrasion audits of existing wear linings. Multotec consistently advances the possibilities for wear protection through its consistent commitment to innovation, technical expertise and quality.

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Our Wear Solutions feature:

  • High-velocity impact and sliding wear resistance
  • Basalt and alumina ceramic and rubber composite material linings
  • Ceramic products can be cut into any shape, incl. unusual and complex shapes
  • Possible heat resistance up to 400 °C
  • Prefabricated conveyance pipe solutions
  • Turnkey wear solutions provider, including abrasion auditing

Enhance your plant performance through high-quality rubber, ceramic and composite wear solutions for a lower cost per processed ton!

Tailored, application-specific wear solutions

Multotec’s wear resistant products provide the mining, petrochemical, power generation and general industries with high-resistance conveyance lining. Our solutions include:

  • Cast Basalt wear-resistant material
  • Multoslip low-friction lining
  • Ceramic wear-resistant tiles
  • Direct-bonded ceramic pulley lagging
  • Epoxy wear linings
  • Steel Liners

Our world-leading wear solutions are the result of a committed approach to advancing material science through ongoing research and development.

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Service support

Our strategically-located service centres deploy highly-qualified engineers and technicians to provide the highest level of installation and back-up services to customers. Our team offers technical and process evaluations to provide our customers with the most cost-effective tailored solution.

Services include ‘Abrasion Audits’ and full specification design, installation and related project management. Multotec provides a broad spectrum of applications to the materials-handling and beneficiation industries, where abrasive material is mechanically, pneumatically and hydraulically conveyed.

Multotec offers holistic wear maintenance contacts that are tailored to client specification and application requirements. In these contracts, Multotec wear solution experts conduct regular inspections to monitor excessive wear rates as well as conduct on-site repairs where necessary. Read more about these wear solution maintenance contacts here.   

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Enhance your plant performance with our complete range of wear solutions!


Wear Resistant Linings

Multotec's basalt and ceramic wear linings provide enhanced protection for your plant conveyance apparatus

View Wear Resistant Linings Product Details

Impact Resistant Linings

Impact resistant linings enhance your plant's tolerance of impacts and abrasion.

View Impact Resistant Linings Product Details

Engineered Ceramic Solutions

Our customised engineered ceramic solutions provide wear resistance up to 400°C!

View Engineered Ceramic Solutions Product Details

Pipeline Wear & Flow Solutions

Pipeline wear & flow solutions provide high abrasion resistance to your plant's pipelines.

View Pipeline Wear & Flow Solutions Product Details

Transfer Points & Chutes

Hard-wearing plates providing abrasion and impact resistance from transported materials at your system's transfer points.

View Transfer Points & Chutes Product Details

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Multotec's mineral screening equipment is used in over 300 mines across Africa. This is because we understand the industry, have refined engineering techniques and offer professional field service maintenance.

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